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Resource Assessment

WRI's wide array of in-house data and history of providing climatology studies for clients worldwide will benefit any company looking for a long term evaluation of a potential wind farm site. Our reports will prepare the owners of equipment and transport for expected weather hazards during construction, and then provide reliable potential energy production in seasonal/quarterly trends for investors and lenders.

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Graphics & Statistical Analysis
  • Wind and wave roses provide profile of expected weather.
  • Cut in and Cut out threshold diagrams; as well as hazardous weather charts (i.e. tropical cyclone tracks)
  • Our worldwide database and experience can help identify promising sites.

Meteorological Knowledge
  • Trends in seasonal energy production, and weather patterns for specific flow regimes.
  • We investigate potential weather hazards and ocean waves which can be a concern for both the turbine and the O&M / construction phases of a project.
  • In additional to assessing potential energy production, we also address reasoning for specific wind flow regimes and seasonal patterns.

Report Text
  • Evaluation of wind assessment characteristics, and recommendations for construction / O&M.
  • Advice for minimizing weather hazards, and discussion of shipping traffic.
  • An advanced and reliable estimate for potential energy production and understanding of seasonal / quarterly trends are beneficial for investors and lenders.
Resource Assessment Report Tropical Chart Seasonal Chart Resource Wind Chart Potential Energy Forecast Climate Report
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  • Weather Routing Inc. (WRI) is a private meteorological consulting firm and is the world leader in the marine industry since 1961. WRI's staff of trained, degreed, and certified Marine Meteorologists are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Our expertise ranges from worldwide weather forecasts and consulting services, not only for energy companies, but for maritime vessels large and small, site forecasting, and many other areas worth considering for your business.